Why Valence Matters


What Matters Most to Us: Valence

As an inclusive sustainable community development organization, our vision is to facilitate life affirming transformation of existing local economies/eco-systems and develop new micro communities to address, support, and sustain all phases of our life-

We tap into the hidden power of women /children micro-networks and  transform the under-utilized influence of  local education, financial and health anchors.


Why Valence Matters

A green economy that is life affirming and transformative can improve the economic security, the quality of life of the community, and the ecology of a town for generations by creating partnerships, building connections toward sustainable affordable housing, healthcare, hands-on education, and new links of local commerce, trade, research, knowledge sharing, and services in the sustainable production, management of energy, food, housing and water resources.

The Result:  Sustainable Lifestyles


As a Green Business Accelerator - We Build Community Wealth in the Communities We Build

We identify, partner, and re-engineer existing communities desiring green economic transformation as well as build new micro-communities from the ground up through:

-Connectivity to green products, tools, and design management services to support the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction economies of the green communities we build.

-Our team of international  sustainable development partners are dedicated to actualizing  your green business  ideas, prototype and test market  in the communities and share via the virtual Global Water & Natural Resource Network & Exchange platform and expo/conference center thus attracting, providing open access to potential investors and reducing investor risk.